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July 29, 2015

Seldom do we hear of a sex toy that is as universally acclaimed, and gets so many rave reviews, as the NJoy Pure Wand. Not to be outdone, the NJoy Pure Anal Plugs come in a close second in any list of the Top Ten Sex Toys.

Rated tops for G-Spot AND P-Spot orgasms, the Pure Wand and the Fun Wand more than deliver on their promise. NJoy sex toys are voted the best investment you can make, and we can see why! The Njoy Pure Wand

With over 150 reviews on Amazon alone - the majority of them 5-star – it seems that reviewers and customers can’t say enough fantastic things about the NJoy Pure Wand...

Whether for solo play for women or men, or for couples play, the Pure Wand is highly recommended as the perfect investment in pleasure.

“I would encourage all men that enjoy anal play to consider purchasing this Metal Wand.” (Chicago Bob, Amazon)

“This product is nothing short of miraculous for older, post-menopausal women...” (Happy Customer, Amazon)
“She's dumbfounded by how something so simple and elegant can make a woman come so hard.” (Striper Nut KL, Amazon)
“This dildo will alter your perception of sexual pleasure forever.” (

Njoy Pure Butt Plugs


What makes NJoy sex toys quite so amazing? We think it’s the attention to detail. These are toys that have been designed with one job in mind: to provide incredible erotic pleasure. They’re made of pure stainless steel, and are pretty hefty – the Pure Wand weighs in at 690 grams. That weight is perfectly (perhaps we should say purrrfectly) balanced in each toy to provide exactly the right pressure in exactly the right spot... Oooh la la! We get excited just thinking about it. Every one of the NJoy toys has been designed to have the right curves, the right weighting and the ideal size to bring on perfect pleasure. Njoy Eleven

They’re gorgeous to look at and, more importantly, the stainless steel is super-easy to clean. But that’s not all! Stainless steel is receptive to temperature, so you can warm it up or cool it to enjoy some sensationally sexy play.

It’s lube-friendly whether you’re using silicone or water-based lubricant. And it’s practically unbreakable. An NJoy sex toy is going to be yours for life and, trust us, you’ll be so glad it is!

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