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May 26, 2015

The Lingerie Diaries

It's Friday evening and Jane heads to the bar to order a martini. Shaken, not stirred. As she leans onto the edge of a cocktail chair, her skirt rides ever so slightly to reveal a classy suspender and every man that watched her enter the room has to catch his breath.

Call them weapons of mass seduction, sexy lingerie act as secret agents which feed on men. Move over Bond, tonight, it's all about Bustier, Jane Bustier. And all she wants is conversation… and by conversation, she means pillow talk.

For centuries women shimmied their way into garments that reflected the fashion trends of the time.

Lingerie designers have left a remarkable legacy; many of the original concepts continue to inspire modern designers. In the twenties, it was very en vogue to have a flat chest - the perfect form on which to model the seductive chemise.

The forties arrived and it was all bustiers, suspenders, garter belts and seamed silk stockings - the sex sirens were coming to town! The Merry Widow Corset came into play a decade later, designed to plump up the cleavage and tuck in the waist, this particular corset comprised of more metal than a modern day one man tent.

Take a leap into the future and Madonna wails on stage about being a virgin and has seemingly strapped two ice cream cones to her chest. The latter trend didn't stick around very long and for this we are eternally grateful. Sexy lingerie has certainly evolved and now women have access to an incredible range of creations to distract and seduce.

The Return of Retro Lingerie

Defeated, Bond invites our seductive agent Jane Bustier to hang back in the cigar lounge and enjoy a few more martinis. Leather couches and retro styled decor reveals our Jane slightly dishevelled, her captivating cleavage spilling out from what he is sure is a satin and lace corset…?

Bond swallows hard… All he can think about is her silky skin. Burlesque and fifties sex siren, pin up lingerie has inspired a new generation to nostalgically embrace an era of romanticism and dramatics.

Made increasingly popular by the likes of Dita Von Teese, followed in hot and steamy pursuit by Xtina and then Eva Mendes, a fresh new retro style of lingerie has taken hold, celebrating sexy and feminine women who are in control of their sexuality.

Matilda's offers our hot romantics everything they need to sate burlesque desires, from corsets, camisoles, garters and garter belts to suspenders and bustiers. Live your fantasy and take the show home. Regardless of the fetish, Matilda's will equip you with all the lingerie you need to raise temperatures, hold interest and allow you to do what you do best… seduce.

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