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June 17, 2018

Fetish Wear Has Gone Mainstream
Lingerie like you haven't seen before

Mention the word "fetish" to friends and family and they'll probably start imagining people who get turned on by dressing up as a giant cartoon-like stuffed animal. (Which incidentally, is actually a thing and called autoplushophillia.) So then, when we want to talk about fetish wear, it's understandable that you immediately assume it's not for you. Wrong! Fetish wear has gone mainstream, mainly because it is just so incredibly sexy. Add some spice to your lingerie drawer with our favourites below. 

Fifty Shades of Grey was a phenomenal success and brought the world's attention to BDSM (or certain aspects of it). All of a sudden, whips and handcuffs were flying  out of our warehouse. The books and movies also brought more of a focus onto kink and fetish wear. You know - blindfolds and chains and gimp masks. Now, how much of the BDSM scene you want to experience is up to you, but even if you couldn't think of anything worse than being struck on the buttocks with a paddle, do not discount fetish wear.

Yes, ladies, it is worth exploring all the lingerie options out there. Even if it's just to spice up your lingerie drawer, and give your partner a bit of a surprise (in a good way). Because lingerie is not just red ruffles and pink lace. It can be sugary and sweet, and also dark and confident.

We enthusiastically suggest you look at things like latex lingerie. This thin rubber material contours body shapes beautifully and has found its way from fetish subculture to mainstream fashion. The properties and construction methods of latex creates a seamless and almost wet look - which we think is ridiculously sexy. Check out this blog post on buying and wearing latex for beginners.  

Keen to see what fetish lingerie is all about? Have a look at some of our loveliest pieces below: 



Wet Look Body Suit
A body suit and gloves designed to flaunt all your curves. 



Long Sleeve PVC Teddy
Different enough to be considered fetish wear, this is still a beautiful and classic piece. 


Long-Sleeve PVS Teddy
It's bound to drive your partner wild!



3-pc Strappy Mini Dress
Shew. Kink and sex appeal and uniqueness all wrapped into one. 



2-pc Wet Look Bodysuit
With matching gloves, this is a great blend of classic lingerie and bondage.




3-pc Wet Look Bondage Teddy
For those a little more experimental, this bondage teddy includes arms and wrist restraints and an eye mask. It's beautiful! 



Pentagram Harness Top
It's a sexy bra, with a lot of bondage influence. Hugely on trend!


Stretch Vinyl Open Back Dress - The Back View
A black bondage dress with style and sex appeal.  



Stretch Vinyl Open Back Dress - The Front View
Different, but as sexy from the front! 



Zoe Wet Look Teddy
Combining wet look with soft lace, this is a great beginner's piece!

Find a host of other fetish wear and kink lingerie options here. Visit Matilda's to get the sexiest lingerie options for you and your lover. It is a wonderful way to introduce a new, exciting element to your sex lives, which can only be a good thing. 

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