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April 09, 2019

Lube will revolutionise your sex life!

Being wet matters! Sex without lubrication is no fun at all. Usually, a woman’s body produces natural lubrication when she’s turned on, but sometimes, due to a variety of factors, there just isn’t enough. Lube will add the extra wetness needed to make sex feel even more amazing. Plus, if you’re having fun with anal sex, oral sex, sex toys, or any other kind of sex really, lube will make it feel that much more amazing. Here, we’ll help you choose the right lube for you!

Choosing what lube will be right for you all depends on what you want to use it for. Lubricant companies have designed a range of different lubes – thinner, thicker, flavoured, silicone-based, water-based, warming and cooling – for a range of different uses. Sounds like a lot of lube choices, right? Moenie stress nie! We’re here to point you in the right lube direction!



Recommended lubes:  Yes LubePjur for WomenPjur Woman Nude

A woman’s natural lubrication depends on a variety of factors: natural dryness, fluctuating hormone levels, stress, anxiety and medication. The tissues of the vaginal canal are actually quite sensitive, and without enough lubricant, sex can become painful. There will be many times when a woman won’t be as wet as she’d like to be – which is when lubricant comes into play. Soft, silky and slippery, lube will make sex between you and your partner so much better!

The lubes we’ve recommended above are also wonderful for you if you’re looking to make solo play or foreplay even more fun. It adds a whole new layer of sensation, and is guaranteed to up arousal tenfold.


Recommended lubes: Pjur Analyse MePjur Power Premium CreamAnal Lubes

You may wonder why you can’t use normal lubricant during anal sex. The thing is, you can – but anal lube will make the experience so much better. The anus and rectum are not self-lubricating, so lube is always needed to make anal play pleasurable. Here’s the thing with anal lube: it’s designed to be thicker than normal lube, so offers more protection to the thinner skin of the anus and rectum and also lasts longer. Say goodbye to friction and dryness, and hello to moist tissue that stretches easily. Plus, it makes condom use safer. Win win!


Recommended lubes:Pjur Aqua |Aquaglide |Water-Based Lubes

So this is an important thing to take into account. When you’re playing with sex toys, you have to be extra careful about the lubricant you use. Never use silicone-based lubricant when you’re using silicone toys. Silicone breaks down silicone, which will ruin your toy. With silicone toys, water-based lubes are the only way to go.You can use silicone-based lube with glass, hard plastic, marble and stainless steel.



Recommended lubes:Pjur Aqua |Silicone-based Lubes |Water-Based Lubes

So there is a big misconception that silicone-based lubes will harm condoms, causing them to break. This isn’t true! Silicone is not an oil, which means it will not have any reaction with any condoms, including latex and polyisoprene. Silicone lubes last longer, are hypoallergenic and according to some people, are more comfortable than water-based lubes. Whatever your preference, you can use either water- or silicone-based lubes when having sex with condoms. (Just never use oil-based lube. These lubes will break your condoms.)



Recommended lubes: Exsens PersonalAquaGlide Flavoured

Welcome to the world of flavoured lubricants! Loved by some, hated by others! Although we wouldn’t want to use flavoured lube every time we go down on our partners, some variants can offer fun ways to enjoy new experiences. Picture dripping lube onto your penis and asking your partner to tell you which flavour they prefer. Sexy!


Recommended lubes:Pjur Med Warming Glide |Pjur My Spray |Pjur Cooling

Add some fun to your sex life with a range of lubes that will add heat or coolness to your sensitive areas. Warming lubes contain capsaicin, an active chilli pepper ingredient, while cooling lubes contain mint or menthol. The different sensations can cause quicker orgasms, and hey, it’s always fun to try out new things!


Recommended lubes: Pjur Med Pro-Long SprayPjur Superhero Glide

There are a few sprays and glides you can use that act to desensitise the skin of your penis, theoretically preventing premature ejaculation and allowing you to last longer.


Recommended lubes: Pjur BodyglideTwenty One 2-in-1AstroGlide X

There is only one type of lubricant to use when you want to engage in some sexy water time! While water-based lube will quickly disappear in water, silicone-based lube will stay slippery and slick for some serious aquatic fun.


Recommended lubes: Yes LubePjur BodyglidePjur for Women

Any lube will work to make solo fun even better than it already is. If you’re wondering whether to get silicone- or water-based lube, have a look at our Lube 101 page, which explains the differences between the two nicely. Main takeaways? Silicone-based lubes last longer, can be used in the shower, are usually more expensive and cannot be used with silicone toys. Water-based lubes are absorbed way more quickly, are not as effective in water play, are cheaper and can be used with silicone toys. Oh – and water-based lube doesn’t stain. The choice is yours!

Whatever your needs, Matilda’s has a lubricant for you! Browse through our water-based lubes or silicone-based lubes, check out our Lube 101 guide, or even our Best-Selling Lubes and soon you’ll be wetter than an otter in monsoon season!

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