Get Ready To Receive Oral Sex

Getting Ready to Receive Oral Sex!

Oral sex is a big part of our sex lives. No one should go without it - it is a wonderful way to connect with your partner. However, sometime what goes on in our heads affects what goes on in our heads - or vaginas! Follow these tips to make sure you are prepared for some delicious oral sex!
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The Secret to Amazing Oral Sex

Be Prepared!

While oral sex is plenty pleasurable for women, a lot goes on down below that can inhibit that wild abandon that comes from receiving heavenly head. By prepping your nether regions a bit, you'll be able to sit back and relax to the maximum.

Here are some suggestions for women who want to make oral sex more pleasant for both parties:

Eliminate Strays It's gross, but let's face it, sometimes strays end up in undesirable places when you're adventuring below the belt. Eliminate the chances of this happening by giving yourself a little tug to remove loose hairs - your partner will be really grateful for your consideration of this small but significant detail.

Trim Your Triangle Some guys couldn't care less what form your muff morphs into as long as it doesn't look like Edward Scissorhands styled you. Others prefer a woman who's waxed to perfection. Either way, keeping moderately groomed will help you feel more comfortable about what he experiences down there. If he's a total control freak, leave your downtown maintenance in his hands - you'll be surprised how seriously he takes this raunchy responsibility.

Kiss Clean Lips While the clitoris may be the focus of oral activity, your labia is the part that needs to be kept clean. Use a mild soap regularly to prevent any funky smells or tastes from forming in the folds of these lusty lips. Douching really isn't necessary and may in fact remove beneficial bacteria that keeps your va-jay-jay healthy.

Be Proud

A woman who thinks her own private parts are unsavoury, is going to have trouble getting in the mood for erotic munching. In turn, your partner will probably pick up on this discomfort and worry that they're doing something wrong. If you're really worried about how it smells or tastes down there, ask your partner - because while you're fretting, he may be having the time of his life! Let your partner know if there are times when you'd rather avoid this intimate act so they don't feel rejected if their efforts are avoided. Come up with a secret signal for when it's all systems go!

Give Directions

You don't want to be a back seat driver but you partner might appreciate some co-piloting in this region. If you're a super open couple, then having a chat is a great way to provide some insight. A more subtle technique is to massage your partners head while gently guiding them to where you want them.

Practice Tongue-Finger Coordination

Double your pleasure by adding masturbation to the equation. Just make sure to alert your partner so that they can continue with cunnilingus without thinking that you're trying to take over. It might take a moment to get the logistics worked out but the rewards are out-of-this-world!