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Making Time for Sex - Your Go-To Guide

  • 2 min read

Keep Romance A Top Priority 

Don't let life get in the way of great sex

We all know sex is good for you. Physically and emotionally it gives you a boost, and it’s important for healthy relationships. But between work, family and social obligations, it can be tough to fit in time for a quick romantic moment, never mind an evening of erotic adventure. Here are our best sexy tips for fitting some good times into even the busiest schedule:

Skip the Snooze Button Swap out your flannels for a sexy little number, or drop the PJs altogether. Cuddle and slowly caress your partner to really arouse them from dreamland to an even dreamier morning session. Sleep is important, but fifteen minutes of loving touch in the morning can make you feel even more rejuvenated.

Shake it up in the Shower Why shower solo when you can do it together? Pick up some delicious scented soaps or gels and lather each other up for some seriously sexy cleanup. Grab a silicone lube for super-slippery aquatic fun. As a bonus, you can claim you’re being environmentally conscious by saving water.

Sexty Somethings A quick text during the day to suggest something daring or just say ‘I want you’, or a sexy love note slipped into your partner’s lunchbox can set the scene for a fantastic evening...

Add Some Flavour to Your CookingPut on some sexy music, don your apron and nothing else, and get ready for some sexy culinary fun. Kitchen counters are not only for chopping veggies. Feed each other delicious treats, enjoy a glass of wine, and savour each other as well as your meal.

Be Daring on Date Night Do something a little different – try out a vibrating egg or panties while you’re out on the town, or even at a function. Let your partner take the remote and watch your face as they play! It’ll just be between the two of you, and at the end of the date you’re sure to be ready for a late night frolic.