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January 22, 2015

Is She Selling You Counterfeit Climaxes?

How to Tell if She's Faking

Although guys may feel duped when they find out that their beloved is a devoted actress, the reasons that most women fake orgasms are not selfish. 70% of women admit to faking an orgasm at one point in their lives. Some do it frequently while others, only on occasion – but why? After all, she's not in it to win an Oscar and she's certainly not enjoying mind blowing orgasms.

How Can You Tell When She's Practicing Her Acting Skills?

Mechanical Moaning Isn't Music to the Ears

Hearing this is not nearly as fun or as arousing as a mechanical bull ride. Moaning that's out of sync with the actual activity at hand is a good sign that she's faking. 

You Can't Feel Her Mighty PC Muscles

If you don’t feel her PC muscle tightening around your penis periodically then she's probably not headed towards climax. When orgasm occurs her vaginal muscles will contract - a distinct sensation for most men. 

One Minute She's Breathing Heavily... the Next She's Not

Orgasm is identified as climax which indicates a slow accent towards satisfaction. If her breathing switches suddenly from heavy to normal, the inconsistency could signify a fake orgasm.

Here's the Real Deal on Why Women Fake Orgasms:

She Doesn't Know

A lot of women don't know what a real orgasm feels like. When they feel even the slightest inkling of something different or tickling, they think that "this must be it". In order to match what they've seen in the movies, they'll put on an award winning show to compensate.

She Wants to Protect Her Man

Most ladies know how fragile the male ego is so they'll do what it takes to protect it. If her dude is feeling down in the dumps because he can't satisfy her, she's not going to get an action - which no chick wants!

She Wants to Meet Your Expectations

She realises that guys often measure the quality of sex on whether or not he gets her off. While every woman loves an orgasm, the fact of the matter is that it's not going to happen every time. It doesn't mean that making love wasn't enjoyable or unfulfilling. There are other aspects that women consider just as important like being close to their guy and satisfying his urges.

Sex is Sore for Her

Maybe you've been going at it like rabbits and she's feeling a little raw or perhaps you left the lube in the back seat of the car (wink, wink). Either way, if she's feeling sore she may fake orgasm so you'll come to yours and it can be over.

She Could Be Reaching Orgasm

Sometimes an orgasm for a woman is like a failed souffle in the oven - it's rising, rising, rising but then at the last minute it falls. This doesn't mean she didn't enjoy the ride, it just indicates that you might have missed the mark by a hair. Often he speeds ahead by a fraction of a second, turning simultaneous climax into a collapsed souffle. If it happens all of the time it might be worth discussing but sometimes that just the way the cookies crumbles...

Faking Turns Her On

Faking an orgasm might help her reach orgasm by turning herself on. The moaning, breathing and other sex related side effects can help elevate her arousal and ultimately lead to an orgasm.

What's a Guy to Do?

Play Telephone

Not really, but you get the point. It's time to communicate. Yes it's a little awkward to speak to her about what she likes and what you want to try with her but you'll find that being open about your sexual habits will lead to a more intimate - and sexually successful - relationship.

Get Creative

If she's not getting off then it's time to make some changes. Experiment with doing it in different locations or practice new positions. There are endless resources that will help you try new and exciting things.

Increase Erotic Experiences

Feed each sexy, aphrodisiacal food or use a massage candle for an erotic rub down. Not everything is solely about sex. Intimacy can be experienced in a variety of different ways. Once you're comfortable with sharing some of these goodies, it might get easier talk about the more serious stuff.

Encourage Exploration

If she can't tell you how to get her off, there's a good chance she doesn't know how to toot her own horn. Encourage her to touch herself or engage in mutual masturbation. If she feels comfortable discovering her own hot spots, she'll share the secret with you!

Get Her a Gift

There's nothing better than the gift of giving - and in this case you'll be giving her a sex toy - and yourself a chance to please her.

Let her explore with the toy on her own or be an active participant by including it in sex. Sometimes these nifty gadgets do things that humans simply can't.

There's bound to be a toy that will help her out and when you've got that down, try a couples' toy for delicious dual satisfaction. While it may be difficult to speak to your partner about what turns you on, it's better to communicate then to perpetuate false perceptions.

If a guy thinks he's doing it right, he'll continue on with the same methods and she might have to quit her day job to keep up the acting routine. The only way to improve sex between partners is to open the avenue of communication. Touch, love, explore and experiment!

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