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Ever Kissed a Girl (and liked it?)

  • 3 min read

A while back, Katy Perry told us more than we needed to know about Cherry Chapstick, and then came Orange is the New Black, and Ruby Rose, and suddenly everyone is interested in girls kissing girls.

And, to be honest, pretty much every girl I’ve met is quite interested in kissing girls. Whether they’re straight, bi or an out-and-proud lesbian, most of the women I know agree that, for starters, girls are good kissers.

And then there’s boobs. Let’s face it ladies: we know why men get so fixated on them. Boobs are gorgeous. Like the rest of the feminine curves. In study after study, it was clear that, while straight guys just weren’t turned on watching two men together, the ladies rather enjoyed watching two beautiful women pleasing each other. And so did the guys; yeah, we know. But Katy didn’t kiss a girl to show off to her mates down the pub. She kissed a girl ‘cause she liked it. And that’s the best reason we can think of. So, what do you do if you’re thinking of laying some lips on your bestie? Well, that gets a little more complicated. Sure, we know that sexploration has long been one of the perks of having awesome girlfriends, but that’s often when we’re a bit younger and still figuring out how to kiss at all.

If you just want to find out whether girl kisses really are more exciting, and your best friend is happy to find out the same, then we see no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. But if maybe there are more complicated feelings in the blender, then you need to think about who might get hurt. Maybe it’s just a kiss, but nobody likes to be in the dark emotionally.

And what if it turns out that sparks really fly? What happens next? Chatting honestly about your feelings and desires isn’t going to kill the fun – after all, it’s part of what besties are for. So open up to your girl and, when you’re both comfortable and confident, you go ahead and get some serious smooching under way. We’ll just wait here ‘til you’re done.

Back already? Ah, you just wanted to see what other tips we might have before heading out there to conquer the world of luscious lady lips. Well, let’s get serious for a moment. Sexuality isn’t really an either-or situation.

It’s more of a maybe-if. Few people are truly 100% hetero- or homosexual. In fact, studies have shown that the vast number of people are somewhere in between. So keeping your mind open could mean you are available for some incredible things, whether they’re sexual, romantic, or a friends-with-curvy-benefits situation.

The important thing is: don’t do it because it’s cool, no matter what Katy said. Do respect other people, whether they’re your oldest friend or that hot girl from the accounts department. Do know that, whether you like guys or girls or nobody at all, you are something special and you, too, deserve respect. Walk tall, ask nicely, be honest, and you shouldn’t have any problem finding loads of people who want to kiss you.

Ever experimented with fooling around with your girlfriend? Leave us a comment and let us know how it went for you... (And if you're one of our bisexual or lesbian friends, we'd love to hear if you've experimented with kissing guys, and what makes girls better kissers.)