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Electrifying! All You Need to Know About E-Stim Sex Toys

  • 2 min read

Rock down to Electric Avenue

Most people have a healthy fear of electricity, and the idea of using electrodes during sex (not to mention electrified dildos or butt plugs) conjures images of cackling mad scientists and evil interrogators. But more and more people are discovering the joys of e-stim (electrical stimulation) sex toys. And here’s why:

Mystim Tension Unit from

E-stim devices have been used in physiotherapy and pain-management for a long time. Then some bright spark decided to see what happened when electrical impulses were applied to the genitals.

Let’s just say that the experiments were extremely successful. And so e-stim sex was born. It didn’t take long before products started being tailor-made for sex. Dildos, vibrators, cock-rings, butt-plugs, all of them have been adapted to carry the small amounts of electricity involved, and special units are made to provide the perfect range of electrical stimulation.

They’re easy to get, too: most good sex shops carry both the units and the attachments, complete with instruction manuals. PRO TIP: Don't forget, you'll need to get your Tension Unit to start with - the attachments won't work without it. But none of that answers the most important question:

Will I Like It?

Mystim Penis Strap from

Yes. Oh, you want more? The thing about e-stim is that it speaks your body’s language. An e-stim device emits little electrical impulses that stimulate the nerve-endings in a localized area. That’s why e-stim toys work so well: there are a whole lot of nerve-endings down there.

The nerves get excited, and send the message up the spinal cord to the brain, which interprets it as a wonderful tingling sensation. In other words, e-stim heightens your sensitivity in just the right place at just the right time. But wait, there’s more! E-stim induces your body to release endorphins, which are the hormones responsible for happiness and pleasure. So now your nerves are on high-alert, and your body is awash with pleasure hormones. Sounds good? It is.

What if I want to take it up a notch?

Mystim dildo from


But what if you don’t want only pleasure? What if you want to include e-stim in your kinky play? Most e-stim devices come with variable settings. The lower settings provide just a gentle tingle, but the higher settings ramp up the intensity. In short, whether you’re after pure, sensual pleasure or edgier, kinkier thrills, e-stim will work for you.

But Is It Safe?

It’s completely safe, if you follow a few simple rules:
  1. Keep it below the belt. Nipples may look temptingly like battery terminals, but you want to keep electricity well away from your heart. There are special e-stim clamps designed for nipple use, which are safe.
  2. Only use the proper equipment. E-stim devices are specifically designed to emit the right kind of pulses at the right intensities.
  3. Don’t use e-stim if you have a heart condition, are pregnant, have a pacemaker or other implanted device, have epilepsy, and so on. If in doubt, ask your doctor.
Have any questions, or stories about your e-stim experiences?