Corsets & Bustiers: Know you Lingerie B's & C's

Corsets & Bustiers: Know Your Lingerie B's and C's

Remember that bustiers were made with breasts in mind, so don't expect much in the waist reduction department.
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Our modern day Cinderella is getting all dressed to the nines with operation "Prince Seduction" in her sights. But she is at a bit of a loss, for she has two drawer-dropping secret agents from which to choose, a slinky silky bustier or a lace up, black corset.

Enter fairy godmother, her name of course, Matilda! Now Matilda the fairy godmother is quite an ace when it comes to some saucy advice so, to try help out our damsel in sexual distress, she offers up some insider information so that dear Cinders can make an educated and effective sexy lingerie decision.

Remember your B's - Bountiful Breasts Behold the Bustier!

These undercover lingerie agents are all for taking your breasts to new heights - literally. Whether worn as a bustier top or as an undercover bosom builder, bustiers are figure forming garments which push up your breasts creating the sort of cleavage that will render men helpless - they just won't be able to tear away their eyes!

Remember that bustiers were made with breasts in mind, so don't expect much in the waist reduction department. Style and fabric dependent, bustiers can also be worn as a sexy top - with superb cup definition, your breasts will be the best dressed in town. Add some thigh high silk stockings, a gorgeous garter belt and you're on the road to immediate seduction.

Don't Forget Your C's - Curvy, Classic Corsets

Too fabulous for words, corsets are great for getting that sexy hourglass figure, the svelte silhouette which makes men weak at the knees. Although corsets are not known for their outstanding comfort, they do offer the sort of results that will make you happy to shrug off the possibility of a little discomfort.

Corsets define and cinch in the waist, sometimes reducing the appearance of the waistline by as much as two inches! Now that's nothing to dismiss! What's more, the corset bra was designed to push up the bust creating a deeper cleavage, but unlike the bustier, isn't known for superior cup definition.

Sturdier than bustiers, corsets will tuck you into an elegant and classically curvaceous figure. Regardless of whether you're a dominatrix looking for an under bust corset or corset brassiere, or a hopeless romantic after a vintage lace-up or a classic corset top or even a new bride with an eye for a bridal corset to turn up the heat on her wedding night, you can be sure there is a corset out there with your name on it.

It goes without saying that Matilda's stocks the very best in both bustiers and corsets in her luxury lingerie boudoir, so stop on by and get yourself a little lace something to get those boys feeling more than just a little perky.