Sex Toy for Masturbation Month

The Best Sex Toys for Solo Play

Part of the joy of masturbation is finding new ways to get yourself off, with or without sex toys. Yes, you know that your trusty bullet vibe will get you there...

Give Yourself Pleasure

With this range of sex toys geared for solo play

Part of the joy of masturbation is finding new ways to get yourself off, with or without sex toys. Yes, you know that your trusty bullet vibe will get you there quick and easy, but where’s the fun in that? Have you tried combining it with a dildo? Or adding a vibrator to the mix? How about a rabbit?

Heck, let’s go wild and try out a massage wand... You never know, until you try, which of the many gorgeous sex toys available might work for you.

“Oh my,” we hear you say, “with so many to choose from, how do I pick the right one to buy?” Well, we say buy two, or more. That way you’ll have more than one trick up your sleeve when you’re in the mood for a little ladywank. But we do understand the dilemma: how do you know if it’s worth the long, long wait (a whole 24 hours! What’s a girl to do?) from the time you order until your new best friend is in your hand?

So we’ve compiled a little list for you, of some of our faves from the huge selection of sex toys at Matilda’s, with a few notes on what makes each of them so sweet...

Bullet Vibe: The We Vibe Tango



Perfectly sized to tuck neatly into a handbag, the Tango by We-Vibe also fits most dildos to add some extra buzz. It’s rechargeable, so there’s no fiddling about with stupid small batteries, and it has way more oomph than a battery-powered version. The classic ‘lipstick’ shape gives you a pointed end for teasing pinpoint contact, and a flattened area for when your clit is ready to get serious.   

Clit Vibe: The Twenty One

We have to say it: this diamond really is a girl’s best friend. Look at how cute it is! More importantly, look at the different faces.



There’s the broad, flat section that you can press up against your vulva for a diffused vibration that’ll get the blood pumping to all the right places.

Then the facets that give you multiple angles so as you move the diamond around it comes in contact with different areas. And then there’s that pointy, delightful tip, directing strong vibes directly at your most sensitive spot... Yeahhhh, just like that.

Like our reviewer said, it might look gimmicky, but the diamond shape actually makes it one of the most versatile clit vibes you’ll find. Plus: rechargeable, and waterproof. Thank you very much, Bijoux. (Your alternate powerful clit vibrator with a versatile shape: Siri 2 by Lelo.)

Dildo: The Bouncer


This dildo is not ‘petite’, but neither is it the big boy of the Matilda’s catalogue (that honour belongs to the remarkable Dick Rambone).

At just over 17cm, with three weighted balls inside it and a g-spot-hitting curved tip, the Bouncer’s shape and size are just what we call perfect. A hand-held dildo is a great companion to your clitoral vibrator if you find penetration can enhance your orgasm. Extra bonus with the Bouncer: if you have a harness, it’ll fit beautifully for some pegging action... (Your alternate, silky-smooth and small-sized double-ended dildo: Ella by Lelo.)

G-Spot Dildo: NJoy Pure Wand

We love love love the NJoy toys. It’s difficult to explain why you’d buy a toy that’s just heavy stainless steel, with no bells or whistles.


But when you hold the Pure Wand in your hand, you understand how brilliant design and perfect weighting make all the difference.

This toy needs no batteries, or electricity. It’s designed to last a lifetime, and deliver pleasure over and over without wearing out. That alone makes it a winner in the eyes of any cash-strapped girl. The sheer ecstasy it’s capable of inducing when that weighted head presses against your g-spot... well, that makes it worth its weight in gold.

The curve of the Pure Wand, along with the large weighted head, are targeted perfectly to the g-spot, and the weight of it makes it easy on your throwing arm so you don’t tire out. Be prepared: this is the toy recommended if you want to experience squirting, so things may get very wet.

Classic Vibrator: Stronic Eins



We’re cheating a little bit here, because the Stronic Eins is not technically a vibrator. It doesn’t vibrate: it pulsates. This is the closest you’ll get in a hand-held toy to the feeling of thrusting inside you.  It even has ten different thrusting rhythms, so you can work your way up to quite a climax. We love it because it’s different – there are no other toys apart from sex machines that have this kind of action. The Stronic range includes two more classic pulsators, one ridged and one designed for safe anal play, and an awesome new rabbit pulsator that we can’t wait to try out! (Your alternate classic vibrator in velvety silicone: Elise 2 by Lelo.)

G-Spot Vibrator: Mona 2

The Mona 2 is beloved by sex toy reviewers everywhere. It’s a powerful, beautifully designed vibrator with a wide, pointed tip that gives you a feeling of fullness and hits the g-spot perfectly.

Its successor, the Mona Wave, features the fabulous ‘come-hither’ motion that really targets the g-spot, but it lacks the power that makes Mona 2 such a winner, so our vote stays with Mona 2 as a toybag must have for delicious clitoral and g-spot stimulation.

Didn’t know you could use a g-spot vibrator for both? Well of course you can: when it comes to your pleasure, you’re the one who decides what works best! (Your alternate petite, budget-friendly G-Spot vibrator: Insatiable Desire by Fifty Shades.)

Rabbit Vibrator: We-Vibe Nova



The Nova has just launched as we write these reviews, and we have to tell you we couldn’t be more thrilled. In the world of sex toy design, someone has finally listened to the millions of women who just weren’t feeling the dual stimulation that rabbit vibes are designed for.

The Nova has a flexible exterior arm that bends as you move. So the interior arm stays inside, where it’s supposed to be, while the outer arm stays in touch with your clitoris, where you want it. It’s sheer genius.

Doesn’t matter how your vulva is shaped, or if you’re skinny or curvy, tall or short: it really is one-size-fits-all. So if what you want is dual stimulation (two motors means you get strong vibrations on your clitoris or targeting your g-spot or on both at once), then we strongly recommend it.

Oh, and the We-Connect app is a bonus that lets you create your own vibration patterns (or lets your lover control the vibe even from long distance). Win!! (Your alternate, most popular rabbit of all time: Fifi by Je Joue.)

Now these aren’t nearly all of the fun fun fun toys that Matilda’s stocks. Why, we haven’t even started on the gorgeous butt plugs, lip-biting bondage equipment, or divine double dildos.... So if you haven’t found what you’re looking for in this list, don’t despair. Give our team a call and they’ll help you find the perfect kit for all your sexy needs!