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November 13, 2014

Completely natural birth control has arrived! Electronic fertility monitors are drug and chemical free, allowing women a totally natural way to plan or prevent pregnancy. The best news is that these intelligent little contraception computers are as reliable as hormone based birth control. If they're used correctly, they have an accuracy rate of 99.3%.

How Fertility Monitors Work

Fertility monitors come with all of the necessary data pre-programmed in. They're so easy to use that you can switch from the birth control pill to one of these mini computers without a trip to the doctor (although it's recommended to visit your doctor when making major changes involving your reproductive health).

The only thing that you're required to do is set the daily alarm. When you hear this reminder, you simply place the thermometer under your tongue. In less than a minute, a red, yellow or green light will appear to indicate whether you're "fertile", "probably fertile" or "not fertile". From there, it is your responsibility to protect yourself accordingly. Most monitors also afford you a six-day fertility forecast so you know when it's okay to get hot and heavy in the sack.

Compatible with Most Women’s Cycles

Fertility monitors are a great alternative for women who have complicated or irregular menstruation cycles. While it might take slightly longer for the computer to adjust to your cycle, it is sensitive enough to recognise slight variances and function appropriately.

These intelligent monitors are also a trustworthy option for women who are sensitive to hormonal birth control or who are affected severely by PMS. Safety is priceless one might gasp when they learn the price of these brilliant computers, however, aside from an occasional battery replacement, fertility monitors can last a lifetime.

When you consider how much is spent on a year supply of birth control pills, investing in a completely safe and reliable birth control method begins to make a lot of sense. Also, there have been studies that show birth control pills have the potential to increase a woman's risk of breast cancer due to the high levels of synthetic oestrogen that they contain. Fertility monitors are definitely less expensive than severe long-term health problems.

Be Prepared for Pregnancy

Some fertility monitors can automatically detect pregnancy. They also provide support and information for those trying to fall pregnant. You'll be given details like when you should try to conceive, when you fell pregnant, the due date and many more intimate details regarding your family planning.

The Lady Comp, the most well-known fertility monitor, can conveniently be converted to a Baby Comp, saving couples from having to purchase a new monitor when embarking on family planning.

Take Control of Your Health

Fertility monitors are a way for women to empower themselves by taking control of their reproductive health. They offer an opportunity to choose a completely natural, safe and reliable birth control method that doesn't have any adverse side effects like other forms of birth control. It's important to note that fertility monitors are only meant for birth control - they are not designed to protect from sexually transmitted diseases.

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