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June 01, 2015

Do you live in hope, or in dread, of being elected the No 1 to assist at your bestie’s bridal celebrations? Every girl worries that her sweet, fun-loving friend will turn into Bridezilla in the run-up to the big day. Well, we know the cure for that! Throw her a bachelorette she’ll never forget!
  1. Ask your Guest of Honour what she wants! If you’ve been besties since the age of 5 and have her ‘My Dream Bridal Shower’ album stowed in a cupboard, you might already be pretty sure. Still, don’t take anything for granted. Chat with her about how she wants her big Send-Off to go, and who she wants to include, and then make sure you stay as close as you can to what she really wants.
  2. Try to set aside an entire weekend for the celebrations – even if the main event is just one night. Keep it as close to the wedding day as you can manage without setting off Wedding Planning Alarm Bells. You want to try and include out-of-town friends and family, so if you can avoid their having to make two trips, do it.
  3. Send out ‘Save-the-Date’ emails at least two months in advance. Busy friends will appreciate the heads-up, and those from out of town will be able to make travel arrangements. Send out final invites at least two weeks before the event, and make sure to get RSVPs. Bonus: Early bookings could get you a discount!
  4. Keep the costs down. The bride shouldn’t have to pay for anything, but neither should her nearest and dearest have to fork over quantities of cash. Plan for a reasonable budget and keep within it.
  5. We did say include the bride in the planning, but do also make sure there are a couple of surprises to put an even bigger smile on her face. Whether it’s a specially thoughtful gift or a silly party game to break the ice, let the star of the show know that she is really a star at all times.
  6. Speaking of games, they’re a great way to help everyone relax, have fun and get into the spirit of things. Try Bridal Gift Bingo when she’s opening her gifts, then hand out cheeky badges before you get the show on the road.
  7. As your gal’s right hand, it’s your job to keep her in good health. Make sure she doesn’t overdo the food and drink, or do things she might regret in the light of day. And that means you need to stay on top of it too... so put down that third cocktail and sip on something softer for now.
Have you thrown an epic bachelorette party? You could win a Matilda’s voucher if your top tips are worth sharing with our fans! Mail us on info at

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