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September 30, 2019

Ladies, have you ever considered buying a sex toy for your man? You initial reaction may be one of surprise, but let us tell you: buying a male masturbator may just be the best thing you ever did for your relationship. You’re showing your man that you are thinking about improving your sex life (instant brownie points), and you are playing your part in elevating your sex life to a whole new, thrilling level.

There are many reasons why you should buy your man a sex toy for his next present: 

  • Improve Your Relationship
  • Generally speaking, it is accepted that couples who experiment with sex toys are more likely to maintain their passion and desire over the years - resulting in a stronger relationship overall. The loss of sexual desire can severely affect a marriage or relationship, so it’s important to keep this part of your life on track. 

  • Improve Your Sex Life
  • Let’s be honest, you can’t stick to one or two positions for the whole of your life and not start to get bored. That’s where sex toys can make a huge difference. It may be a cliché, but sex toys really do spice up your sex life. 

  • Help Erectile Dysfunction
  • Erectile dysfunction can be very stressful for both partners, but for men, it can be especially crushing. Thankfully, there are loads of male sex toys that can help with the condition and enable you and your man to enjoy a healthy and happy sex life. Sex toys like the Pulse 3 Solo uses incredibly strong oscillations to help men achieve orgasm, whether or not they’re erect! 

    This vibrator oscillates, sending intense stimulation to those nerve-rich areas.

  • Improve His Stamina
  • Sex toys can help him improve his stamina. Yep - you can train your man to last longer with a cleverly designed sex toy. Whether or not your man suffers from premature ejaculation (which is quite a common problem), there are plenty of products which can help prolong pleasure. Products like the Pink Lady Stamina are designed especially to act as training devices - these masturbation sleeves replicate the sensations of sex, allowing men to train themselves to last longer. Remember, the more he practises, the better he becomes. 

  • Male masturbation is seriously hot
  • There is something so intimate about watching your man masturbate. The sexy show takes on a whole new thrilling twist when a sex toy is involved. Imagine using something like the Go Torque Ice Fleshlight, a transparent male masturbator that magnifies your man’s penis for great visual effect. Trust us when we say - watching your man thrust in and out of a Fleshlightis hugely titillating.

    This toy has a compressed design that’s perfect for portable pleasure.

  • Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood... 
  • Some nights, you’re just not in the mood for sex. Maybe you have a headache or maybe you’re on your period and just want to cuddle your water bottle. Sex toys can be a great way to help your guy achieve orgasm without putting in any work yourself. Simply lube it up, hand it over and stay present with your man while he orgasms. This in itself can be a wonderfully close and intimate experience. 

    So - Buy That Male Sex Toy! 

    Make your man the happiest he’s ever been. Browse through our range of sex toys and find something that will make him smile. For days. Here at Matilda’s we stock a wide range of toys that can make his every fantasy come true. Have fun exploring!

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