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Improving your love-life, one orgasm at a time


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November 16, 2017

How can you add excitement and adventure into your sex life this November? We’re talking explosive, intimate sex: the kind you think about for days afterwards. We have a few fun suggestions for you, from kinky product offerings to intimate acts that will increase the eroticism of your play time. Check it out!


This might start off as slightly uncomfortable, but once you get into it, it might end up being the most erotic thing you do. During foreplay and during sex itself, gaze into your partner’s eyes. It is an especially intimate experience – although it can be intimidating. Choosing to gaze into your SO’s eyes will enhance the feelings of oneness and closeness between the two of you, upping the erotism tenfold. Let go, live in the present and surrender to the experience.


The second thing you can try is breathing together. Place your mouth over your partner’s and as he breathes in, you breathe out. The breath is integral to many spiritual practices – the breath links you to life itself, and to your core being. By sharing your breath with your lover, you truly live into the concept of oneness. It is a beautiful thing.


Sometimes, we get stuck in a rut and end up doing the same things over and over, and then get surprised when sex gets boring. That’s why introducing something like a love swing might be the very thing you need to light your fuse.

Check out our guide to using love swings here. Using a love swing is hugely erotic – think of yourself (or your partner) as exposed, vulnerable and open to sexy attention. It’s a lovely way to try something new and fun.

The Multi-Vario LoveSwing
The Original JOYDIVISION love swing – The Multi Vario opens new, undreamed-of dimensions of sexual lust! Haven’t you always wanted to enjoy fancy sex positions with your partner?


Find a sex toy like the Njoy Fun Wand or the Deliciously Deep Steel G-Spot Wand and slide one end in you and the other end into your partner. Lay back and experiment with pushing and sucking the toy gently into or out of you. While you do this, make sure you’re masturbating… it is a guaranteed way to orgasm. You can feel the delicious movements of your partner, while feeling connected to him or her in the most literal way. Yum – we LOVE this idea!

Njoy Fun Wand
From top to glorious bottom, the Njoy Fun Wand is pure steely perfection. With a single ball to one end and three graduated balls to the other, this wand works him up to a potent prostate orgasm, but delivers intense G-spot stimulation, too. This is the perfect his and hers wand for shared partner pleasure! With a weighty body made from 100% stainless steel, this wand is a pleasure investment that deserves lifetime love.


Sometimes our thoughts can really ruin what would be an amazing experience. We worry about how we look, if our partner is having a good time, what they are thinking… This all detracts from truly living into the moment and savouring each sensation. So practise releasing yourself from worries and thoughts. Let yourself go. When you catch yourself drifting, focus attention back to your breath. Notice sounds and smells around you. Being in the now will up your feelings of sexual-ness and will help bring you to orgasm. And that is the secret to truly explosive sex.

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