What's It All About?

This is the page where we get to blow our own trumpet a bit. And we do like to blow... on a trumpet. Look, we do sell sex toys. There’s no getting away from it, and we’re just fine with that. We love what we do. Every day we get happy people phoning or mailing us to say that we helped them have a lot more fun in the bedroom. Are we proud of that? Damn skippy!
Matilda’s is the longest-running and largest online adult store in South Africa. We’ve been doing this since 2005, and we’re flipping good at it. 
Can you remember what it was like back in those dark ages? If you wanted something as simple as a decent selection of condoms, the only option was that icky shop on the corner with the black windows. 
Ugh. We don’t like to think about it. We prefer to talk about the day we decided we weren’t going to go in there ever again, and we’d make it so you didn’t have to either.

How Did We Do It?

We thought we were so clever, but eish! It took us two years of hard slog to source and import some fantastic condoms. We found some other stuff too, of course: some lekker sexy lingerie and some toys that were definitely more fun than we'd expected.
And then the work started. We’d spent all of our savings on getting that cool stuff from overseas, so we had to take the photos ourselves, build the website ourselves, and keep on looking for more cool brands and suppliers with great products. We worked day and night. On treat days we got a Streetwise 2 to share. There were three of us back then.

Was It Worth It?

It paid off. When we launched the site in 2005 we had about 500 items for sale (if you counted the condoms individually). Now we have just under 2000. There are bras; butt plugs; blindfolds; corsets; cuffs; condoms; massage candles; dildos; diamond-shaped vibrators; lubricants; love-balls, and so, so much more. Hundreds of people, just like you, shop with us every day to find the exact condom they need (and maybe a little lube, maybe a prostate massager... go on, throw in that lacy panty). Our team has grown, our selection has grown, and our reputation has grown.
At the end of the day, though, when we sit around a table together (with our favourite fast food), and talk, it comes down to this: we’re having tons of fun helping you to have fun. So thanks for playing.
Come again soon.

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